Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This My Lil' Slingshot & That My Lil' Stone: Never Underestimate the Power of $2

Ephesians 6:15
UmmK, so I tried to buy him "Skwiggey" or something because the cover looked more blockbuster. But, my 7 year old nephew insisted on purchasing a caricature version of the "Wizard of Oz" which I could draw with my eyes closed (a $2 cartoon rendition of the classic, you know). It's about 10 minutes long. . .  lolwhat?!?!? So, I'm watching a $2 cartoon of "The Wizard of Oz" w/ Mikey and I get this word & a very great revelation.   
Never underestimate what is ALREADY hidden within you.
UmmK, so you know the story, but do you KNOW the STORY?!?!?! It's been a while since I've seen it and I just about fell asleep during the $2 and 10 minute gist of it, so here goes. . .   Dorothy's life is swept away by a treacherous storm and she loses Ma & Pa (aka Auntie Em & fam) & can't find her way home. Then she meets up with the Scare Crow who thinks he's empty headed & in need of a brain. Somehow, the crows had him fooled. Next up, it's the Tin Man who is always crying aka consumed in sorrow to the point of rusting and becoming hardened because he also feels empty and is looking for a heart. The Lion who is supposed to be the king of the jungle and in charge, front and center, the most outgoing, always on top and never fearful is quite the pussy cat. We see him often cowering in fear and running from being the conqueror everyone makes him out to be. He is even longing for his something and that's courage. 

After they make it to the Wizard, they are sent on another journey to do battle against the wicked witch. It is during this battle, in the heat of her utter "lostness" that we see Dorothy, who was so very lost the whole time, rising to the occasion and giving extraordinary guidance and direction to the others aka her new friends. She was already wearing a pair of crimson shoes that spelled out her Oh, when I think of home. We also find that the Tin Man had a very special treasure the whole time. His gift of oil never ran empty and it kept him going in the rain. All he'd have to do was pop it out and squeak, squeak and sweetest sigh. . . he was moving again. The Scare Crow only needed to open his eyes and see that he was NOT dumb. A small pair of glasses was all the enlightenment he needed to spot out the crows who wrote him off as such. Finally, the fearful Lion would discover the king already living inside of him by just lifting his head and discovering the golden crown and mantle that already lay upon his head and shoulders. Plus, the robed Wizard of the bejeweled Oz, who was a sham was indeed a very wise sham to help them realize all this.
Wow, this 10 minute curtain call deserves an infinite bow.  But, all this wisdom found in a $2 children's cartoon is only a "parable" and sliver of the picture show of our reality. If I could play it all on the big picture screen with only a beginning and ending, troubles would cease and no one would ever worry. Because in the beginning we are safe as a babe at home and in the end we are still safe as a babe at home. It's the middle part that gets to us, when we crawl away from our sheltering places.n In this world, yes, we do have troubles. Like little children, there are nightmares and storms that come and rip through our happy homes and we lose our way at times. Even some of the oldest, most mature, wisest and smartest long to curl up in Mommy's lap and be rocked gently & peacefully back to sleep in the heat of the night. At times, we all long for Ma & Pa to come and save the day. But, what do we do as grown adults when those arms have become weakened & fade away and what was our safety net or our security blanket is ripped to shreds? Oh my, I have had so many moments that would cause us all to cry and become sorrowful like the squeaky Tin Man. I'm sure that it's safe to say that even many of those who are so well known for being fearless often face their fair share of being afraid. Sometimes, we can even esteem ourselves so small & worthless like the Scare Crow that we forget our own name and that we were made to scare the crows away & even guard the harvest.
Dorothy was surely lost, but she found her way home again all because of her feet which were shodded with the preparation of peace, the good news. Throughout their tumultuous journey, she was able to speak peace to all the storms her friends faced and encourage them even though she was so lost. The Good Witch knew that with three simple clicks Dorothy would make it home safely, yet she had to fulfill her mission and succeed on her assignment (to simply follow The Yellow Brick Road aka make it to the finish line). The Lion whose roar was so small in the beginning found the loudest praise and this was all poured out upon him in his mother's womb after it was put to test and trial. He was the king of the jungle and that one word was all he needed to know to defeat his foes, fear, fear and more fear. The Tin Man's oil of joy was an excellent prescription for heaviness and it was always right there in his heart. The Scare Crow outsmarted what tried to smart him with only a pair of glasses. It was mind over matter, you are NOT just a bunch a straw. A little knowledge goes a long way. I'm sure he began to study to show himself approved. Was it one Wizard who saved the day? No, the movie was only worth $2. But, the glory of enjoying the movie on the picture screen in real life with my nephew AND with my all too REAL God is worth more than gold that perishes. I will never again underestimate the power of $2. UmmHmm. . . click, click, click. Home!!! Where there's love overflowing.

Stay in the race, overcome the hurdles, and keep passing the baton.

Sharing the victory,
Jocelyn =)

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